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Do you work in the tourism industry? Do you want your hotel or restaurant or a recreation center be discovered by tourists?
11 April, 2019

Do you work in the tourism industry? Do you want your hotel or restaurant or a recreation center be discovered by tourists long before they arrive to Georgia? Internet is a powerful tool for promoting your business but how to make sure that guests coming to Georgia not only see information about you but also trust it? “Travel in Georgia” will answer all these questions for you.

Travel in Georgia was created in 2011 as the first tourism informational web portal in the country. The idea was simple, yet innovative – provide a one-stop shop for all tourists coming to Georgia. Any company working in the tourism sector and beyond can apply to become a member of the portal. Members have their own profiles that they can edit and update their information. Additionally, Travel in Georgia regularly writes promotional articles about innovations and new offers members have for their customers. Every profile is created in three languages: Georgian, English, and Russian.

During 8 years of its operations, Travel in Georgia became the face of tourism in Georgia. After the state Association for Tourism, it is the largest entity in the sector. Today, it holds the first place in all major search engines such as Google, Yandex and others, for all tourism or travel related searches regarding Georgia.

But without change there is no progress. So Travel in Georgia starts the new season with lots of innovations and pleasant surprises for its partners. First and most importantly, from January 10, 2019, Travel in Georgia will be operating under a .com domain. The advantages of this are obvious. Now it is much easier to find the web portal from any country. If earlier it was mostly oriented on visitors from the neighbouring countries, now it became a global player.

For you as a business in the tourism sector it means more guests will learn about your services and plan their visit in advance. During these seven years, Travel in Georgia earned an impeccable reputation among tourists for only presenting the best on the market. This is because every new member is personally checked for quality by a representative of the company and then added to the database.

So, as a company, what do you get by becoming a member of Travel in Georgia informational portal? You have your own profile in three languages that you can edit. Tourists who come to the website to search for a specific service will definitely see your profile. You get promotional articles about your new offers and any novelty going on in your company that help guests of Georgia learn more about you.

After Travel in Georgia transferred to a global domain, you as a member will be exposed to a wider audience. The company is actively preparing for the new tourist season, and creating more interesting features for cooperation, so that companies have more possibilities to offer their services to tourists and other potential partner companies.

Whether you are an old and trusted partner who wants to continue cooperation or a new company just thinking about joining the web portal, Travel in Georgia is looking forward to receiving your application and accepting you as a member of their large family.

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