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Linking Tourism & Conservation: "Georgia: Paradise for birdwatchers and potential LT&C-Example"
12 June, 2022

Seven ornithologists from the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Norway, who visited Georgia in early April to explore the attractiveness of the country for birdwatching tourism, have called the location "a paradise for birdwatchers" in an article published by Linking Tourism & Conservation.

The findings were overwhelming. Within one week of visiting different protected areas in the Eastern part of the country, we saw more than 157 bird species. For some of these species, such as Caucasian Snowcock, Caucasian Grouse, Guldenstadt’s Redstart, and Great Rosefinch, there are hardly any better conditions. During springtime, Georgia is known for watching many migrating raptor species. We observed at least 15 different ones", reads the article written by Peter Prokosch and Christoph Zöckler.

The conclusion of the study tour is that for every keen birdwatcher, there is "hardly a better place" than Georgia to see the largest number of - partly endemic - bird species in a short time, with April recommended as "undoubtedly a perfect time" for birdwatching visits.

"And the perspective of Georgia to become the first countrywide [example for linking tourism and conservation] should not only be followed up by the governmental authorities and conservation NGOs but should also be in the mind of all travellers, naturally including birdwatchers", the article says. 

Read the full story here.


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