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Covid vaccination certificates no longer mandatory for foreign citizens entering Georgia
16 June, 2022

Presenting proof of Covid vaccination and testing is no longer mandatory for foreign citizens entering Georgia starting today, following a decision by the Georgian Government. 

The latest amendments to the Government Resolution on Isolation and Quarantine Rules also include exemptions from the requirement of self-isolation for visitors. 

Georgia lifted the requirement of presenting Covid-19 green passes in the country in early February, with the Government also scrapping use of quarantine hotels, limitations on public events and gatherings in March.

The requirement on wearing face masks outdoors was lifted on March 28 while it remained mandatory in public transport and medical facilities. 

A total of 515 cases of coronavirus were registered in Georgia last week, with three deaths reported. 

Overall, 269,337 people have been fully vaccinated in the country as of Tuesday - amounting to 44.2 percent of the country’s adult population - while 254,349  have received booster shots of the vaccine.

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