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Die Welt: “In Svaneti, skiers get to know solitude”
22 January, 2024

Die Welt, a German national daily newspaper, is promoting Georgia’s north-western highland region of Svaneti as a destination for winter sport enthusiasts by calling it a “crown of the Caucasus”.

In the peace, Stefan Weißenborn describes the region as “one of the most pristine and touristically exciting regions” of the country, with medieval towers protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and urges the readers to visit the place where “Europe's highest mountains reach into the sky”.

Svaneti is characterised by inaccessible valleys, high mountain passes, glaciers and plateaus”, the article says.

Weißenborn also mentions Kubdari, a traditional meat pie dish of the region, as well as the Svan language, spoken by its residents and designated by the UNESCO as a “definitely endangered language”.

Read the full article here.


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