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Gastronomic, adventure and eco-friendly tourism in one space
23 October, 2023

With the support of the European Union, Sweden, and Austria, the mountainous region of Georgia is witnessing the development of diverse tourist offerings.

Svaneti, known for its natural beauty, has significant tourist potential. However, it takes more than just natural surroundings to attract visitors. Thanks to residents' ambitious plans and determination and donors' support, tourists can enjoy a wide range of products and services in Svaneti.

Davit Nikoloziani always connected strongly to Svaneti and envisioned contributing to its development. Throughout his seven-year study period and time spent in the city, he continuously contemplated how to dedicate his acquired knowledge and experience to his homeland, Svaneti.

Upon returning to Svaneti, he transformed his father and grandfather's traditional house into a family hotel in the Latali community, Lakhushdi village. He remained true to his commitment and began with three rooms, accommodating a small number of tourists. He added at least one room every year as part of the expansion. Davit Nikoloziani's family hotel, „ECOHOUSE SVANETI“, currently has ten rooms.

Unfortunately, the path forward faced significant obstacles due to the pandemic. However, in this challenging situation, The European Union, Sweden, and Austria provided timely assistance that proved crucial to the Nikoloziani family.

“In 2020, our business came to a standstill with no guests at all. The financial support from donors, including the European Union, Sweden, and Austria, was significant. We had a project to add more rooms to the hotel, get the necessary inventory, and equip the mountain trails. I had a project in mind that involved equipping the hotel with additional rooms, its inventory, and the necessary equipment for arranging and maintaining the mountain trails,” - Recalls Davit Nikoloziani.

The main advantage of „ECOHOUSE SVANETI“ - is that tourists feel fully immersed in the authentic village environment. During breakfast, guests have the opportunity to taste the locally grown produce from the host's vegetable garden, as well as the honey gathered from beehives situated within the hotel premises. The majority of the guests are European tourists who have a profound understanding of the genuine eco-conscious atmosphere and its high value. Notably, this establishment combines gastronomic, adventure, and eco-tourism offerings within a single location. This establishment uniquely combines gastronomic, adventure, and eco-tourism offerings within a single location.

“We discovered our niche in the so-called eco sector by offering nearly all the necessary products, including meat, dairy products, organic potatoes and even honey produced by bees on-site.  Motivated by this self-sufficiency, we made the decision to extend these offerings to tourists, leading to the creation of our establishment's name, ECOHOUSE SVANETI,” - says Davit Nikoloziani.

"From garden to table" represents one of the core principles of our work, embodying the perfect fusion of two essential elements: tourism and organic agriculture.

A feature that the Nikolozianis take great pride in, unmatched in the surrounding area, is their uniquely designed glass room. This innovative concept offers guests an immersive experience, simulating a night spent under the open sky. The development of this exceptional product has received invaluable support from the European Union, Sweden, and Austria.

“I had wanted to set up this room for a while but didn't have the funds then. Fortunately, with the help of the European Union, Sweden, and Austria through the "GRETA" project, we created a room with a glass ceiling and walls that gives you the feeling of being right in nature.” - Davit Nikoloziani shares with us.

The delightful tastes of Svaneti cuisine and the breathtaking views of the day and night sky from the innovative hotel room evoke unique emotions that guests will never forget. These unforgettable experiences leave a lasting imprint on every guest, compelling them to share their impressions of Svaneti with others.

Project GRETA | "Green Economy: Sustainable Mountain Tourism and Organic Agriculture" is implemented by the Austria Development Agency in Georgia with the support of the European Union, Austria, and Sweden. The project aims to improve the business environment and create new income opportunities in two important sectors of the Georgian economy, mountain tourism and organic agriculture.

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