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Georgian Communication Commission, SpaceX discuss launching Starlink satellite internet in country
23 June, 2022

The Communication Commission of Georgia and representatives of SpaceX Starlink satellite internet project discussed prospects of launching access to the service in Georgia on Tuesday, the Commission has announced.

The Commission’s Ekaterine Imedadze said SpaceX was working to explore “niches of interest to it” in the Georgian market and preparing for a commercial launch of Starlink internet in the country.

I think this fact [launching Starlink internet] is a very important event for the country and the telecommunications sector, as after the introduction, satellite internet will be available in Georgia and it will open a window for the future development of the innovative digital services market”, Imedadze said.

In its statement, the Commission said access to Starlink would be “particularly important” in remote mountainous regions of Georgia and settlements without broadband internet coverage.

The Starlink project was launched to utilise satellites to provide broadband internet to locations around the world without reliable or connectivity.


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