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New Wine Mejvriskhevi to Be Released to the Market
10 April, 2018

Mejvriskhevi Red is a new wine brand which will be released on the market in spring, in particular at the end of May. Andro Barnov, chairman of Kartli Wine Cellar Association,  said that the new brand differs with its delicious properties and aroma.

It is noteworthy that Mejvriskhevi variety of wine has never been sold. The wine is made in Shida Kartli by Khomasuridze families.

“Our Association, which has its own wine cellar Wine Masters, is the first to release the above-mentioned wine to the market. With its serious taste qualities and aroma it is a completely different wine,” Barnov explains.

“First of all, branded wine will be sold in our cellar at the end of May and our shop. Limited quantity of the wine will be exported too. At this stage negotiations are underway with Czech Republic, Germany and Denmark. In the first year, we’ll sell our product at a cheap price, and later the price will increase. One bottle of wine will cost an average of GEL 25-30 this year, ” Andro Barnov says.

Chairman of the Kartli Wine Cellar Association plans to revive many forgotten wines.

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