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Vardzia Resort: Place for Intellectual Vacation
15 October, 2018

Intellectual conversations about God, universe, essence of a human being, the way of the human kind, and history – and all this in the historical region of Samtskhe-Javakheti. On 25-27 August Vardzia Resort hosted an interactive discussion organized by the Thinking Academy.

Guests of Vardzia Resort had the possibility to meet and listen to Andro Dgebuadze and Levan Gigineishvili in an interactive mode. Film “12 Angry Men” was screened and discussed. Participants also saw the sights of Vardzia.

Thinking Academy has been around for two years and conducts many educational projects. Its aim is to create a space for people of every age that will enhance their intellectual development.

“One of the outstanding projects of our organization is “Salon Conversations”. It is important because it enables people of various professions, experience, interests to listen to professionals in various spheres, discuss topics of interest. We organize field trips for “Salon Conversations” too.

A field trip means spending the weekend in a comfortable hotel, in a pleasant and, most importantly, intellectual atmosphere. Trip format includes participation of various interesting speakers who help in organizing interesting evenings. Lecture meetings have an interactive nature, participants take part in discussions directly.

Vardzia Resort is a wonderful place for such events. The hotel and its staff create all conditions for relaxation and a pleasant rest”, says Thinking Academy.

Another host company is Ethno Tour. It participated in the organization of a literature evening of a famous Georgian writer Aka Morchiladze.

“Ethno Tour organizes travel projects of educational character in Georgia and beyond. When working in this direction, of course we couldn’t skip a historical part of the country such as Meskheti.

First of all, we needed a partner to cooperate on the issues of gathering and accommodation during the tour. We received partnership, cooperation, and friendship from the best hotel in the region (and not only in the region), and that’s Vardzia Resort. The results we got were perfect”, says Mamuka Bichashvili, director of Ethno Tour.

“Host classical music in your region” – under this slogan the alumnus of Juilliard School, young famous pianist David Aladashvili, and company “Youth for Youth” have travelled almost all over Georgia and conducted 50 concerts.

On August 1 guests of Vardzia Resort could also listen to pianist David Aladashvili.

“For me, Vardzia Resort is a pleasant adventure, an environment that was made with great love for us, its guests! When you can relax and enjoy the sunshine, spend time with friends, drink great wine in the evening, and going for a walk in the hotel yard find out that you can see the Vardzia burial in the moonlight (a moment that you’ll definitely keep on film) – it is these moments that make staying at Vardzia Resort unforgettable”, says Aladashvili.

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