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Canned Chakapuli and Kaurma – Kula Opens New Plant
07 October, 2017

Kula plans to open a new plant for canned meat production. The project was inaugurated in Gori today, on October 5.

The company director Vano Gogiladze told Business Course, the company has already invested 1.5mln USD in production and plans to add 1mln USD in the future.

The company will produce not only classical sorts of canned meat , but also traditional Georgian canned dishes such as Chakapuli, Chashushuli, Kaurma. Later, various sorts of Meat Paste will be also added to the production. 

The new plant will employ 40 citizens. The company will buy raw materials from local residents. 

The new products will appear in retail sector by the end of 2017.

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