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Co-Creation Space Komli- Think, Observe, Research, and Create
03 August, 2021

Creative Development Center has been working with the concepts of different creative spaces since 2016. This also became an inspiration for the founders to move forward and put all their ideas together under the concept of Komli.

The idea of a co-creation space ''Komli'' was based on empathy and the co-living Concept, where you can think, observe, research, and co-create. Teona Dalakishvili, the founder of Komli shared their ideas and plans with CBW:  

“Komli” is planned as a space for co-creation for local community members, researchers, artists, and organizations, as well as Georgian and international volunteers willing to learn about local communities in the region and is in the process of building in Kaspi municipality. Kaspi itself is an industrial area, with very attractive possibilities, both culturally and digitally, that's why we chose it to be the place for Komli.

What is the main message behind your co-creation space?

Co-creation space is an alive and dynamic entity, which aims to create, in partnership with locals and guests, a framework-free learning practice while offering its services to the local community that might have less access to learning opportunities and wider community services. In this co-creation space, guests understand the principle of “togetherness within a community”, and share their knowledge and skills with other members of the community. 

To summarize our idea, the co-creation space is open for the members of the local community, young people, researchers, artists, and organizations that want to utilize it for meetings, consultations, and putting their ideas into practice.

What is the main challenge you need to overcome? 

The main challenge at the moment, for us as well as globally, is pandemic. We foresee the opening process of the space in Spring, and we hope that by then vaccination process will foster more movements and events happening in and outside of the country, as we offer the space for any small or medium groups, willing to co-live and co-work in a nice atmosphere. 

We are also in search of cofounders, and interested parties are welcome to participate in cofounding this space. 

What kind of atmosphere would you like to create at Komli? 

Komli will offer a very fresh and friendly atmosphere, as well as space for creative processes. our main functions will be:

  • Co-working space-Cocreation space: we offer to the local community, organizations, researchers, and artists space for meetings, as well as for working on project/research/books and artworks, alone or with the team.
  • Hostel: Visitors of the Co-creation space can stay in the hostel for an affordable price. It will be open for everyone, though special priority will be given to the community projects. 
  • Community and educational hub: Space will be devoted to community initiatives, informal gatherings, and meetings. Space will also offer various training, mentorship, acceleration programs, etc. 
  • Secure Recreational space: Co-creation space is safe for anyone interested in the topics of integration, being it local or international communities in conflict. Collective care and other psycho-social services, like mentorship, mindfulness, meditation, yoga will be one of the important commercial and non-commercial directions for different segments. 

Tell us about your team and run us through your working day.

Our team, as well as our idea, is very dynamic, we have a coordinating team, as well as trainers, local managers, and interns. We aim to have the main team based in Kaspi and already hired 4 youngsters from different villages. Our days are very hectic, as we run from one meeting to another to involve all stakeholders in the process of co-creation: Komli itself is based on co-creation and many minds are involved in this thinking process.

Our Team is very horizontal and is divided thematically in the following directions:

  • Digital adaptation team
  • Community adaptation team
  • Commercial team
  • Urban Adaptation team

Our management process is also agile, although we are speaking about construction, the whole concept is developing together with the team.

What are your ongoing projects and what are you looking forward to in the future? 

Our team has already established mentoring programs in 25 companies in Georgia, at the moment we work on the one hand on the community mentoring for local organizations and young people, and on Digital adaptation programs on the other. Kaspi has now technological college as well as a tech park, therefore, we aim to create little digital heaven in a rural area, which is not far from the capital and has lots of potentials, therefore, our programs are focused on empowering local youth, creating employment for them through digital education as well as collaboration with the private sector. In the future, we aim to enlarge the concept and startup new spaces around the country.

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