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Founder of Tchrebalo Wine Cellar Plans to Build a Hotel in Ambrolauri
08 November, 2022

The founder of "Tchrebalo Cellar" plans to build a 15-room hotel in the Ambrolauri district.

As the co-founder of the cellar, Sopo Lekishvili, told "Business Partner", the plan will be implemented in about 2 years. At the moment, the calculation process of the project is underway.

According to her, there are mostly 10-room family hotels in Racha, and there is a great demand for relatively large ones. "Tchrebalo Cellar" hosted more tourists this year than expected.

As Lekishvili explains, a restaurant and a tasting room were added to the space this summer. According to her, tourists are offered various products produced in Racha-Lechkhumi.

"Tchrebalo Cellar" is a small boutique wine cellar that has been producing exceptionally high-quality wines from the Racha-Lechkhumi region since 2019.

According to Sopo Lekishvili, the winery produces about 20,000 bottles a year, half of which is sold on the local market and half on export. At this stage, the wines are exported to the Baltic countries.

Negotiations with various countries are ongoing regarding export. Among them, with Japan, Great Britain and France.

As the co-founder explains, this year the cellar plans to process about 200 tons of grapes.

The winery is located in the Ambrolauri municipality, in the village of Chrebalo, in the zone of Khvanchkari. It is located in a historical building built in 1896 by the river Ask, and the vineyard is planted in the village of In Zhoshkha, on the right bank of Rioni river.

The owners of the company are the descendants of the founders of the village of Tchrebali. Establishment of a wine factory and cellar in the historical building of Tchrebalo.

The cellar produces 9 types of kvevri, dry and naturally semi-sweet wines from selected vineyards of Racha-Lechkhumi. Also 2 types of chacha. The average price of wine is currently 20-45 GEL.

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