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EU Ambassador: Georgian citizens will “enjoy full labour rights” once country joins bloc
20 March, 2024

Paweł Herczyński, the European Union Ambassador to Georgia, on Wednesday said the country’s citizens would have “full labour rights” throughout the EU once it joined the bloc.

Answering questions from the public on the EU’s work in Georgia and its support for the country’s membership aspirations on social media, Herczyński said the rights included social security and mandatory insurance, official employment, wages and pensions.

Since EU membership means receiving and enjoying the "four freedoms" - freedom of movement of goods, capital, services and people, as soon as Georgia joins the [bloc, its] citizens will enjoy full labour rights throughout the territory of the EU”, he said.

The Ambassador added Georgia was required to align its employment and labour laws with the rules and regulations of the EU as part of the process of becoming a member of the bloc.

This involves making positive changes to working conditions, working hours, non-discrimination, and other rights and responsibilities of employees. Georgia must ensure that these laws are enforced properly”, he said.

Herczyński noted the Government would have to correct the gaps between Georgia and the EU in terms of labour standards and social protection during the accession process.

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