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Middle Bronze Age burial site discovered in Kvemo Nikozi
01 September, 2023

A significant archaeological discovery has been made in the village of Kvemo Nikozi in Georgia through a two-year excavation effort.

Dating back to the 18th-17th century B.C., the discovery is a tomb of the Kurgan type, and it holds great importance as it is the first well-preserved, large-sized tomb from the Middle Bronze Age found in the Shida Kartli region. This period dates back around 3,800 years.

Archaeologists are inclined to believe that the tomb might have belonged to a prominent figure within the tribe, possibly even a chief, given the artifacts found within it.

The excavation was led by Giorgi Mimdiashili, an archaeologist affiliated with Gori University and the National Museum. Students from Gori University also contributed to the project. The effort took place over two stages and received funding from the Ministry of Culture and Gori City Hall.

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