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Georgian ministry of economy to offer resorts for privatisation this year
06 October, 2022

Georgian economy minister Levan Davitashvili on Wednesday said the ministry was working for the development of the Georgian resorts and would offer privatisation packages to the private sector already this year.

Davitashvili said his office had selected "many very interesting" and abandoned resort locations in the country with potential for development. 

"These resorts have been famous since the Soviet era and there is a list of such resorts, however many of them may not be so interesting or competitive in modern days”, he explained.

“We are now in the selection process, because, of course, the country has limited resources and we cannot develop hundreds of resorts at once. But in close cooperation with regional authorities, we have selected priority destinations in almost all regions - these will be larger resort areas with spatial planning", Davitashvili said.

The minister also noted smaller resorts had also been selected and needed feasibility studies to make them more attractive for investors.

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