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Georgias air navigation service provider joins pan-European network
19 September, 2023

Georgia's air navigation service provider Sakaeronavigatsia has joined the New Pan-European Network Service, a communications network created by European providers of air navigation services.

Supported by Eurocontrol, a pan-European, civil and military organisation supporting European aviation, NewPENS now connects bodies in 47 countries and over 100 locations, with work for the Georgian provider to integrate having started in 2021.

Georgia’s Ministry of Economy on Monday said by joining the network Georgia will become able to exchange information directly with European countries. 

Through the network, it is already possible to distribute international aviation meteorological reports in the World Aviation Meteorological Bank in digital IWXXM format”, said Gocha Mezvrishvili, the General Director of Sakaeronavigatsia.

Sakaeronavigatsia, Eurocontrol and BT Global Service, a company that provides global security, cloud and networking services to multinational companies worldwide, signed a deal in January 2022 as part of the Georgian body’s efforts for integrating into the network. 

NewPENS provides infrastructure for exchanging “critical and common aeronautical information”, as described by Eurocontrol.


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