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Revenue from international tourism up 132% in January-September
24 October, 2022

Georgia's income from international tourist visits reached $375,615,194 in September, with the figure being 132.1 percent higher compared to the same period of last year, the Georgian national tourism administration said on Thursday. 

Revenues from international tourism in September have exceeded the figure of 2019 for the third time since the beginning of the pandemic, the GNTA said.

The amount received in September was 17.9 percent higher than in September of the pre-pandemic 2019, the statistics show.

Income in the first nine months of 2022 reached $2.5 billion, a 190.8 percent increase year-on-year and 97.5 percent recovery on 2019 figures.

Medea Janiashvili, the acting head of the GNTA, said revenues from  international tourism had "increased significantly" from European Union member countries and Persian Gulf states.

"European and Persian Gulf countries are our priority markets. The European Union ranks second in terms of revenues, which is very gratifying and gives us even more hope that revenues will increase by the end of the year", Janiashvili said.

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