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Shaori Chalet Plans to Add Ten More Floating Cottages
08 November, 2022

The floating cottage "Shaori Chalet" on Shaori Lake is currently waiting for an investor. The tourist facility plans to expand and add ten more cottages on the lake.

As the founder of the company, Vakhtang Iashvili, speaking to BM.GE, says, the cottage did not work this season, because the cost of operating one cottage was higher than the income.

"We did not work this season, last season we tested the business model and it turned out to be quite attractive for vacationers. Currently, we have turned it into an investment project and we are working on finding an investor.

We want to implement a big project and add ten more cottages, because the cost of operating one cottage is more than the income, we didn't even withdraw the amount we invested,'' says Vakhtang Iashvili.

According to him, there were many challenges at the beginning of the project, first of all, they did not know whether a cottage with such a concept would be justified or not, although the interest was great.

"The cottage was not available for a single day, it was booked every day, that's what convinced us that the larger project would work well. After increasing the number of cottages, of course, there will be profit, and at this stage it was impossible," Vakhtang Yashvili told

Shaori Chalet was created in the fall of 2020, it received up to 220 vacationers in the summer season of 2021, and the cost of one night's stay in the cottage was 400 GEL. The founders of the company invested 50,000 GEL for the complete arrangement of the cottage.


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