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Get to Racha in 3 Hours from Tbilisi- 51km Road Opened Today
01 October, 2021

It is possible to arrive in Racha from Tbilisi in 3 hours, - the Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia Irakli Karseladze stated.

The Prime Minister, together with the Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure, opened the 51-kilometer road connecting Imereti-Racha today.

The new road connects two regions - Imereti and Racha. The road starts from Sachkhere, passes through the villages: Sareki, Kvemo Khevi, Uzunta, Shkmeri, Bokva, Kvashkhieti, Zudali and finally joins the Ambrolauri-Oni road, which is 20 km away from Ambrolauri and 5 km from Oni.

The road construction project was implemented by the Roads Department of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia. The project was divided into 7 sections and four Georgian companies worked on its construction.

The new road construction project was funded from the state budget and its cost was about 110 million GEL.

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