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Vacheishvili: Georgian Winemakers Buy Pitchers in Spain and Italy
06 May, 2022

Nika Vacheishvili, the founder of Atenuri Marani, talks about the problems in winemaking. According to him, the small type of cellars in the country are not technologically developed, they are in primary conditions, which affects the quality.

As Vacheishvili said at Business Partner, equipment and investment are the main issues, and the solution is the existence of state programs that will provide technical assistance to winemakers.

The founder of Atenuri Marani says that government assistance to the industry should be systematic and should not be of a campaigning nature.

"The main thing is not to lose the environment of fair competition. This too could not be sorted. Some enjoy certain state programs and some do not. As I see it, berries are more of a priority for the state today than wine," Vacheishvili said.

The founder of "Atenuri Marani" notes that the lack of quality pitchers in the country is also a problem. According to Vacheishvili, in most cases, most of the purchased pitchers burst out.

"Pitcher is a brand, however, Georgia can not produce it. Georgian winemakers buy pitchers in Spain and Italy, it is a shame. But how many millions were spent on the production of Ikalto pitchers? ”Said Vacheishvili.

Nika Vacheishvili opened a cellar in Ateni in 2013. This was followed by the construction of a small, 6-room guesthouse in 2016, which has since expanded and the hotel now has 19 rooms.

According to Vacheishvili, vineyards of Chinebuli, Goruli Mtsvani, and Tavkveri varieties are cultivated on an area of 3.5 hectares, and wine is made by the traditional method. Very little of the wine produced on the farm is sold in natural wine shops in Tbilisi, while the rest is sold locally on the farm.


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