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Abasha River Waterfall Natural Monument
Samegrelo Upper Svaneti

Attraction: The natural monument is a 30 m high waterfall formed at an altitude of 630 m above se level at the source of Abasha River, on the huge limestone (Late Cretaceous deposits) rocks, in the south-western section of Askhi massif. It creates a hole with a diameter of 12 m at the point of fall. It is one of the distinguished waterfalls in Georgia for its aesthetic qualities as wel as ecological potential. 

There are two watefalls to the right of the waterfall and one small waterfall to the left. Abasha waterfall joins Abasha river from the left side. The areas in the vicinity of the waterfall consist of limestone from the Late Cretaceous and is covered with dense forests.  Dense box-tree stands are worth noting, through which it is rather difficult to pass. The climate around Abasha Waterfall is humid subtropical. Abasha Waterfall creates characteristic micro-climate in its vicinity, which in its turn contributes to spreading of characteristic flora and fauna. 

How to get there: The nearest populated area from the natural monument is village Second Balda of Martvili Municipality, which is 5 km away from it. The road is a dirt road that cuts through a forest. Due to the difficulty of the path it may take 1 hour or more to geth there. 

Where to stay - The optimal option for staying overnight is either in Martvili or Chkhorotsku where it is only possible to stay at a hotel.


•  Garda – 2 Chavchavadze St, Martvili
Contact: +995 599 947197 (tariff: 20 Lari excluding meal)
• Kandagari – 3 Kostava St, Chkhorotsku
Contact: +995 595 61 37 83 (tariff: 40 Lari including breakfast)

Coordinates: X: 292123 Y: 4709816

Total area: 99 ha

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