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Resort Shovi
In Upper Racha, in the direction of Mamisoni (Chanchakhi) pass, 16 km away, on the Southern slope of the highest segment of Greater Kavkasioni – Racha Kavkasioni, is located health and spa resort of Shovi. Resort is sprawling on the plain-type space surrounded by coniferous (spruce, fir, pine) and mixed (beech, oak, hornbeam, birch, dogwood and alder) forests and perpetually snowy glaciers. There are 16 mineral water springs discovered until now. Each of them is different with its contents and is used for
treatment of different diseases. Beauty of Shovi scenery and glut of mineral waters has been known from ancient times both to the residents of surrounding territories and travelers making their way from Racha via Shovi and Mamisoni pass to Samachablo.
Scientific research of Shovi mineral waters and construction of the resort starts from 1923. In Soviet period beautiful health centers and rest-houses have been built here including a building of kurzali adorned with Georgian ornaments. Shovi is an interesting place for mountain climbing, skiing, rafting. It is known that in this segment of Kavkasioni, on the elevation of 4000 m, there are several peaks that have seen no man on its slopes. Lovers of walking tours will be interested with a pathway leading to Mamisoni pass (2820 m) following the remarkable Chanchakhi gorge. 
1. Racha Kavkasioni
2. Resort in Shovi was instigated by a doctor named Shamshe Lezhava. Earlier, he was interested with resort development. In the beginning of the XIX century when he was a student at Vienna University, he was told to have covered by walking Aland, Davos, Wildungen, Baden, Karlsbad, aiming at foundation of the similar resort in his native Ambrolauri. No sooner had he returned to his motherland than he started looking for the place and he picked Shovi as the best option. He started arranging a resort in the 20-ies of the XX century. In 1928 Shovi received first vacationers. Beautiful buildings were built in Shovi (sanatorium, hotel, power plant, multiple dweller for the people who were engaged in service sector of the resort), part of which needs rehabilitation today. Natural
conditions of Shovi enable to develop here mountain skiing resort.
Location: Southern slope of the main range (watershed) of Greater Kavkasioni, upper body of rivers Buba and Chanchakhi (tributaries of river Rioni)
Distance: 35 km away from Oni, 340 km away from Tbilisi (via Tkibuli)
Sea level: 1600 m
Landscape: mountainous
Climate: middle mountain climate (upper belt), winter cold, with stable snow cover, mean temperature in January -5,8 degrees centigrade; summer moderately warm, mean temperature in August 15,7 degrees centigrade
Average annual precipitation: 1050-1100 mm
Average comparative annual humidity: 76%
Duration of annual sunny light: 2000-2100 h.
Natural treatment factors: low mountain, upper belt climate and carbohydrate, hydro-carbonate, calcium-sodium iron containing mineral waters, with general mineralization of 2,0-2,4 g/dm3, and nitrogen, hydro-carbonate, calciummagnesium mineral waters, with general mineralization of 0,7-0,9 g/dm3; discharge: 150 tons overnight
Types of therapy: mineral water application (drinking), passive climate therapy
Diseases for treatment: respiratory tract diseases (bronchial asthma), anemia, alimentary tract, gall-bladder and urinary tracts diseases, lymphadenitis.

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