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Cultural- Cognitive Tour
Cultural- Cognitive Tour
Category: Cultural tours
Period: No Information
Location: Georgia



Route: Tbilisi-Dedoplistskaro-Sighnaghi-Kvareli-Telavi-Mtskheta-Kazbegi-Tbilisi.

Visit to Georgia and enjoy with its most beautiful nature. Explore ancient, the richest traditions and culture. Seeing the most beautiful cities and understand a lot of about Georgian variety of cuisine and traditional winemaking. ? If you have not been in Georgia yet, then you have to pack a bag. Join us and travel in Georgia together.

Timetable of the tour

Day 1 – Arrival at the Tbilisi International Airport, where will meet you our company’s representative. Check in at the hotel and overnight.

Day 2– Tbilisi: Breakfast at the hotel. The National Museum, the Ethnographic Museum, the Old Tbilisi District (Anchiskhati, Sioni, Metekhi, Sulfur baths, Abanotubani, Botanical Garden,Narikala, Mtatsminda. Trinity),overnight in Tbilisi;

  • Tbilisi – the capital of Georgia, the country’s cultural center, traditional and modern architecture, with plenty of admirable views.Sightseeing of the city includes: the churches, museums, sulfur baths, narrow streets with wooden balconies, European and ancient part of the city, which attracts a lot of tourists.

Day 3 – Dedoplistskaro: Breakfast at the hotel – Davit gareji – Khirsi Monastery – Elia Mountain –Khornabuji Castle-Sighnaghi- St. Nino’s Monatery; overnight in Sighnaghi.

  •  Davit Gareji is one of the most outstanding religious – cultural centers of feudal age Georgia. It is monastery complex carved in the cave. The semi-desert mountain monastery still admires viewers with its construction of arts and paintings of high artistic value. The monastery was founded in the VI century; it was founded by one of the 13 Assyrian Fathers – St. David Garejeli. In 1616 it was an Easter night king of Persian Shah Abbas tortured 6000 monks.

  •  The monastery was founded by St. Stephen VI century (552-557), whose sacred remains are buried in the same monastery.

  •  The temple which is built at the St. Elia’s Mountain, (height 45 m) you can see spectacular views.

  •  Khornabuji castle- was built in VI century. It is one of the most beautiful city-castle. The fortress is built on a cliff from where you can see the beautiful views.

  • St Nino’s Bodbe Monastery – Monastery occupies a distinguished place in the spiritual life. Here lies Illuminator, Apostles St. Nino. St. Nino the source of grace and healing.Here was functioned church school from XVII century, where were taught theological and scientific subjects. There was also one of the richest library in Georgia.

  • Sighaghi is one of the most beautiful city of Georgia, its architecture is amazing that’s why Sighnaghi attracts a lot of visitors. Nowadays Sighnaghi is called as city-museum. From the city opening wonderful view of Alazani valley and Caucasus Mountains.

    Day 4- Kvareli: Breakfast at the hotel – Tsinandali – Al. Chavchavadze’s House-museum- wine cellar “Gvirabshi”(in the tunnel)- Nekresi- Telavi- overnight in Telavi.

  •  Al. Chavchavadze’s House-museum- Tsinandali museum is located in the palace of the famous Georgian poet Alexander Chavchavadze. The house-museum keeps materials covering that epoch and the poet’s life and oeuvre. Here is decorative park; many exotic plants are cultivated in this park. The most special is the wine cellar, where are ideal conditions for special brand wines maturing Also there is one of the most famous wine cellar. A unique collection of Georgian and European wines is stored here. About 16 500 bottles of wine are stored here, which are poured out in different countries.

  •  Nekresi – monastery complex is located in Kakheti. It was founded in BC II-I centuries by King Pharnajom.

  • Gremi – city-castle is built the right side of the river. people settled in the late Bronze Age in this area, which was trading, economic and cultural center of Kakheti. In XVII century it was the most important place in Kakheti.

  • Telavi is one of the most beautiful city of Georgia, its architecture is amazing that’s why Telavi attracts a lot of visitors. From the city opening wonderful view of Alazani valley and Caucasus Mountains.

Day 5 – Telavi: Breakfast at the hotel – Alaverdi –Ikalto –Old and New Shuamta – overnight in Tbilisi;

  • Alaverdi Monastery – “Alaverdi” is Turkish-Arabic origin word that means “God-given” . The current Alaverdi Monastery was built in XI century in the first quarter and was formed as the important monastery center . The temple is one of the largest church in Georgia (41,7×26,4, a height of 50 meters).

  • New Shuamta monastery was founded in XVI century . Inside fence of the church are: houses, sheds and other buildings.

  • Ikalto – Ikalto Monastery was founded by the Assyrian monk Zenon in VI century. According to the legend, Arseni Beri (XI-XII centuries) founded an academy. There are manuscripts those are ancient ages.In the territory of monastery is saved 3 church and different buildings, also the ruins of the academy and the refectory;

Day 6 – Mtskheta: Breakfast at the hotel – Svetitskhoveli – Samtavro Monastery – Walking through the streets of Mtskheta – Cross Monastery – Ananuri – Kazbegi; Overnight in Stepantsminda.

  • Svetitskhoveli is one of the most important historical buildings in Georgia. It was the center of Christianity for centuries. In the Cathedral is buried the robe of Christ and St Ellia’s mantle. The temple was built by the architect Arsakisdze in the XI century.

  • Samtavro ,Nunnery – is the episcopical monastery in Mtskheta,was built in the beginning of XI century. Nowadays from the complex reached only big temple, St. Nino church, belfry, part of the fence, tower and later residence and official buildings. It is not known history built of big temple.

  • Mtskheta – a museum city, and included in the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. His beautiful streets and amazing buildings attract a lot of tourists

  • Jvari monastery it is a symbol of Mtsketa and a symbol of the whole country too.

    It stands high on a hill and overlooks the valley. From here you can see Mtsketa and the beautiful monuments around it. Also see how two rivers Mtkvari and Aragvi cross each other.

  • Ananuri – Ananuri is the best architectural monument of Georgia, which comes from the late feudal period. The main architectural structure of the temple is the domed church .From an inscription which is on the south wall shows that the church is built in the year 1689.

Day 7 – Breakfast at the hotel – Sno’s castle – Gergety Trinity – Darianli Valley – Gveleti waterfall – return back in Tbilisi and overnight

  • Sno castle – it occupies a special place among the Georgian fortresses. It has characteristic of Fortification building. The castle is built near the river Sno , at the right edge of a rocky hill,which stands separately.

  • Gergety Holy Trinity Church – is one of the pride of Georgian architecture. The background of the cathedral and bell-tower is the glacier. The silhouettes are well defined structures on a white background.

  • Dariali valleyThe – it is the rocky paradise, another wonder of nature. Visitors always want to visit again and see the fog wrapped peaks, cut 1000 m deep gorge makes a big impression on the visitor;

  • Gveleti waterfall – it is considered one of the highest waterfall in Georgia , interesting, distinctive and beautiful place where you can rest and enjoy with a wonderful views;

Day 8 – Breakfast at the hotel – check out – free time – transfer to the airport. Departure from Tbilisi;


Tour Type: Cultural– Cognitive;
Route: Tbilisi-Dedoplistskaro-Sighnaghi-Kvareli-Telavi-Mtskheta-Kazbegi-Tbilisi.
Duration: 7 nights / 8 days; Tour Duration fitted to your arrival and departure flights;
Transportation: Euro-class vehicles;
Accommodation: 3 * Hotel / Family Hotel

The price includes:
1. Transfer – airport-hotel-airport;
2. Transportation according the program- Euro class vehicles
3. Guide- bilingual (English/Russian)


• 4 x overnight at the hotel in Tbilisi;
• 1 x Overnight at the hotel in Sighnaghi;
• 1 x Overnight at the hotel in Telavi;
• 1 x Overnight at the hotel in Stepantsminda

• Breakfast at the hotel;
1. First aid:
2. Take a photo and video, Memorable disc;
3. 1.5 liter mineral water during the day.

Price excludes:

• Flight, Air tickets;
• Travel insurance;
• Lunch and dinner
• Alcoholic beverages;
• Entrance fees for museums

For further information and prices about the tour, please contact us.

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