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Lagodekhi National Preserve
Lagodekhi National Preserve
Category: Adventure tours
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Location: Georgia



Lagodekhi National Preserve is located in the extreme north – east of the Great Caucasus Mountains, 3500 m above the see level. The climate is subtropical. Lagodekhi National Preserve is one of the first preserve in Georgia, it was founded in 1912. Its flora and fauna is a unique monument. Sharp relief, the heights of great amplitude, a different inclination and exposition slopes, deep valleys and rivers, creates very different physical – geographical conditions. This is due to the diversity of vegetation. There is unique hornbeam – beech deciduous forest.Reserve is distinguished by its pristine Alpine meadows, lakes of glacial age, ancient relics and endemic species abundance; Great range of vertical zones. There is also a beautiful waterfall.

There are 1500 flowering plants in the preserve; between them are endemic species of (Julia primrose, Mlokosevichi Peony, Lagodekhi gentian, andetc.). In the preserve inhabits many animals, some of them are limited not only in Georgia, also in whole Caucasus (chamois, East Caucasian Tur).Also inhabits  hyenas, go, bears, wolves, deer, roe deer, wild boar. It is notice bird species, the golden eagle, white-tailed eagle, falcon; these species are in IUCN Red List.

At present, in Lagodekhi National Preserve is arranged the picturesque, safe and informative five tourist routs, namely: “Rocho Waterfall”,”Ninoskhevi waterfall,””Machi castle ” “Black Rocks Lake” and ” nature cognition trail”.      

“Travel in Georgia” gives the opportunity to get any kind desired information. Also render full support to the organization and planning the tour. There is possible only educational and scientific tourism, you can move by foot or by horse. It is functions a museum of flora and fauna. Also is possible rent a guide and horses in order to comprehensively surveying Lagodekhi National Preserve. 

Presenting matters for studying during adventure and extreme tours:

  • Preparation for the hiking

  • Individual and group actions during in extreme and adventure tour.

  • Mental readiness.

  • Get over the fear and stress

  • Minimum things for the hiking

  • Make up the fire with non-traditional manner

  • Fire species and considering matters

  • Selection camp place

  • Shelter species and arrange

  • Establish horizon sides (Define a location, find the way.)

  • Orient with local subjects and the celestial luminaries

  • Movement at night

  • Get water and food in the wild nature

  • Water purification methods

  • Chose the consumption plants

  • Make hunting and self-defense weapons

  • Medical safety and first aid in field conditions.

  • Existing threats and prevention methods.

  • Staffing of hiking pharmacy

  • Existing plants in nature for treatment usage.

Before the visit is advisable to call and arrangement in advance. For more information and prices about the tour please contact us.

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