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Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park
Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park
Category: Adventure tours
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Location: Georgia



It is one of the largest national park in Europe, includes 6 administrative regions from Borjomi to Kharagauli. Its particular uniqueness is diversity of geographical and ecological zones, historical monuments, as well as a wealth of flora and fauna. Borjomi National Park is the first national park with its international standards in the Caucasus.The tourists can visit the most beautiful places such as:

Caucasus panoramic views, Amarati mountains, Coniferous and mixed forest, Colchic sub-tropical forests, Panoramic views, Kvabiskhevi canyon, Mariamtsminda church, evergreen forests covered by snow and views of Lomistma.Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park has 11 trails, arranged with support from the German Government and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

  1. Nikolay Romanov Trail

  2. St. Andrew Trail

  3. Panorama trail

  4. Untouched Forest Trail

  5. Zekari Overpass Trail

  6. Footprint Trail

  7. National Park Information Tail

  8. Meghruki Valley

  9. Shepherds’ Trail

  10. Snow Shoes Trail

  11. Snow Shoes Trail

   Visitors can visit the national park at any time, but it is much more difficult in winter because of bad weather.

Travel agency “Effect Tour Georgia” gives the opportunity to get any kind desired information. Also render full support to the organization and planning the tour. It is possible rent a guide and horses in order to comprehensively surveying Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park.

Presenting matters for studying during adventure and extreme tours:

  • Preparation for the hiking

  • Individual and group actions during in extreme and adventure tour.

  • Mental readiness.

  • Get over the fear and stress

  • Minimum things for the hiking

  • Make up the fire with non-traditional manner

  • Fire species and considering matters

  • Selection camp place

  • Shelter species and arrange

  • Establish horizon sides (Define a location, find the way.)

  • Orient with local subjects and the celestial luminaries

  • Movement at night

  • Get water and food in the wild nature

  • Water purification methods

  • Chose the consumption plants

  • Make hunting and self-defense weapons

  • Medical safety and first aid in field conditions.

  • Existing threats and prevention methods.

  • Staffing of hiking pharmacy

  • Existing plants in nature for treatment usage.

Before the visit is advisable to call and arrangement in advance. For more information and prices about the tour please contact us.

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