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Tour In tusheti
Tour In tusheti
Category: Adventure tours
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Location: Georgia



Day 1– Arrival at the Tbilisi International Airport, where will meet you our company’s representative. Check in at the hotel and overnight in Tbilisi.

Day 2 – Travel to Kakheti – Ikalto – Alaverdi Monastery –  drive to Omalo.Lunch – Omalo – Shenako – Diklo – Keselo castle -Dinner – Free evening and overnight in Omalo;

Ikalto – Ikalto Monastery was founded by the Assyrian monk Zenon in VI century. According to the legend, Arseni Beri (XI-XII centuries) founded an academy. There are manuscripts those are ancient ages.In the territory of monastery is saved 3 church and different buildings, also the ruins of the academy and the refectory.Alaverdi Monastery – “Alaverdi” is Turkish-Arabic origin word that means “God-given” . The current Alaverdi Monastery was built in XI century in the first quarter and  was formed as the important monastery center . The temple is one of the largest church in Georgia (41,7×26,4, a height of 50 meters). Old Omalo , Keselo Castle was built in XVIII  century. Earlier the population of Omalo had been settled near this castle, then, gradually they moved down near the recent Omalo. Village Omalo (Old Omalo) is joined in the list of national significance immovable cultural monuments.Shenako is located on the southern slope of the great Caucasus and is situated on 2080m above sea level. In summer a few family lives in the village. Around the village there are grasslands and unique variety of pine woodlands. In the centre of Shenako there is a church built in XIX century.Diklo is located near Omalo in Tusheti. A few families live there in summer. There you will have a great view of a rocky pine forest, where some endangered animals – Ounce and Wild Goat are dwelling .There are mineral spas near Diklo which is often visited by Tourists. In the heart of Diklo there is a place of worship, where women aren’t allowed to enter. Near to the village Diklo, there is a Diklo fortress.

Day 3– Breakfast at the hotel – Dartlo – parsma- Lunch – Chontio- Girevi; Dinner – Free evening and overnight in Girevi;

Dartlo has a big history. It is situated at 2000 m. above the sea level. Traffic is allowed only by horse and air service.Village Dartlo is one of the most remarkable places in Tusheti owing to its architecture and overall landscape.  An automobile road goes from Village Dartlo up to Village Dano, from where it leads to Village Kvavlo. The tower with a pyramid shaped roof overlooks the trail. The village is built on the rocky slopes of the mountain. Sections of it are connected with each other with paths built with stones and rock-cut pathways.Parsma – Kvavlo – Chontio –Girevi – they are the oldest villages with different architecture – pyramidal-roofed towers. The districts are connected with stone pathways. You can see thee floored houses which are distinguished by an abundance of balconies. Villages are built on the rock ledge. If you follow from Kvavlo to Didkhevi you will meet the valley of the Caucasus Mountains breathtaking view.

Day 4 – Breakfast at the hotel – Come back to the direction of Tbilisi; Lunch – Old and new Shuamta – Return back to Tbilisi;

New Shuamta monastery was founded in XVI   century by the Queen Tinatini.  After construction of the temple she became a nun. She is buried in the garden of monastery. Inside fence of the church are:  houses, sheds and other buildings. Shuamta Monastery is the shelter of nuns. Their request on the territory of monastery is silent and properly dressed people.

Day 5 – Breakfast at the hotel – Check out – Free time – transfer to the airport. Departure from Tbilisi;

  • Tour Type: Cognitive – Adventure;

  • Route: Tbilisi – Telavi-Omalo -Diklo-Telavi -Tbilisi

  • Duration:4 nights /5 days;

  • Transportation: Euro-class vehicles;

  • Accommodation: Hotel 

The price includes:

  • Transportation according the program- Euro class vehicles

  • Guide- (English/Russian)

  • Accommodation:

  • 2 x overnight at the hotel in Tbilisi;

  • 1 x overnight at the hotel in Dartlo;

  • 1 x overnight at the hotel in Girevi;

  • First aid:

  • Meal:

  • Breakfast at the hotel;

  • Take a photo and video, Memorable disc;

  • 1 liter mineral water during the day.


Price excludes:

  • Flight, Air tickets;

  • Travel insurance;

  • Lunch and dinner

  • Alcoholic beverages;

  • Entrance fees for museums

    For further information and prices about the tour, please contact us.

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