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Tourism Products Development Agency to Arrange New Picnic Zones at Highland Adjara
08 April, 2021

New picnic zones will be arranged in highland Adjara in 2021. At this stage, the Tourism Products Development Agency of Adjara plans to arrange picnic zones in Kobuleti and Shuakhevi.

Authentic and ecological picnic spaces will function 2000 meters above the sea, on Jvarimindori areas. Tourists will be able to relax in an open space and an authentic environment with picturesque and beautiful panoramic views. Jvarimindori is located at the Kobuleti-Shuakhevi adventure-hiking tourism route, where the Agency plans to build a tourism shelter.

As a result, on the longest footway route in Adjara (88 km), tourists will have the opportunity to relax in tourist shelters and picnic zones. The Tourism Products Development Agency started arranging picnic zones in highland Adjara in 2020. As a result, attractive tourism spaces were added to Chirukhi Mountain, the villages of Kapnistavi and Shuamta.

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