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Maia Mdivnishvili
თქვენი ხმა მიღებულია, გმადლობთ!
Maia Mdivnishvili
2169 Ratings
Age: 60 Year
Work Experience: 20 Year
Mobile: +995 599 166959

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Cover Letter
Hello,I'm Maia Mdivnishvili - the tour guide in Georgia. After my 20 years of working as a guide and as a tour manager, I'm one of the most experienced tour guides in the country. Working as a guide I have become expert on every tourist destination in Georgia. It is important that I have experienced the things that I offer to tourists. Also, my experience as a tourism manager has equipped me to arrange travel details for individuals and for groups of any size. Department of Tourism and Resorts of Georgia named me Georgia’s best guide of 2010. I have worked with hundreds of tourists from many countries and I understand the different interests of each nationality. As a result, I can tailor my tours for every taste. In addition, I want to bring tourists into contact with Georgians, to show visitors not only touristic places, but the real life of Georgia.


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