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Nino Kerashvili
თქვენი ხმა მიღებულია, გმადლობთ!
Nino Kerashvili
2051 Ratings
Age: 58 Year
Work Experience: 3 Year
Mobile: +995 +995 577 07 47 12

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Cover Letter
Nino Kerashvili – a teacher of English and French languages, a tourist guide. I have a three-year experience of being a tourist guide. I have worked with big groups of tourists (maximum 41 people) and always ready to fulfill new types of activities that are connected with tourism. I have analytical mind and I always try to understand the real situation in as little time as possible and solve little problems as well as possible. I know my rights, obligations and duties and I always manage to effect positively on the people that are around and interest them with a story I am telling them in the definite situation. I love when I show my country to foreigners. I want everybody to see our cultural heritage and put my efforts to show Georgia to other people with pride. I am energetic, communicable and punctual. I love to work with people. I always try not to come into conflict with anybody and try to resolve the small problems when they (problems) arise defending the interests of both sides as much as possible.

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