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Do you love to sunbathe, appreciate spa and care about how you look? - know what does „Kobuleti Palace “ offer you
19 June, 2018

The vacation period on the Black Sea is in an active phase and the flow of tourists is growing and diverse. The hot season is especially attractive for those who loves to sunbathe and cares about their look. We can say that this is the ladies' season, they love to care about their beauty the most. The beauty of the body needs a healthy organism.

"The Georgian Palace Hotel and Spa Kobuleti" is the first five-star Georgian brand located on the Black Sea coastline, which combines many medical abilities. The sea here is deeper than the standard one, here you can treat with therapy such as thalassotherapy, treatment with sea, sea water and sea air, which positively affects  on cardiovascular, nervous and respiratory systems.

Besides the natural landscape, in 2010 the hotel for the first time and exclusively offered the guests the Indian Ayurveda Center, Indian Panchakarma medicinal procedures, which complexly combines both relaxation and healing massage cycles. Here you can learn about the aromatic and medicinal effect of plant oils with thousands of years of experience. Hotel Indian massage therapists will be able to make you feel like in the exotic environment for a few minutes.

In the spa center you can improve your body, go through relaxation, regulate the metabolism, clean the organism from the slag by using special procedures, make body correction. After the use of such offers, the "Georgian Palace Hotel and Spa Kobuleti" guests will feel much younger and stronger.

Indian Ayurveda massages are known as an alternative medicine form.

Ayurveda's health programs are recommended for increasing immunity, especially for those who are not able to live a healthy lifestyle. The main procedures in these programs are traditional massage techniques that help body tissues to relax and improve blood circulation. The one who knows the price of Ayurveda, he/she also knows that Ayurveda herbal medicines are not characterized by contraindications.

What service can the "Georgian Palace" guest receive:

  • Body peeling packaging
  • Colon hydrotherapy
  • Endemology
  • Anticellulite, full body massage
  • Anticellulite, full body massage with honey
  • Relax massage
  • Chocolate day spa
  • Aromatherapy
  • Cold and hot stones

It is important that SPA Center specialists recommend guests individually made programs. If you visit "Georgian Palace Hotel and Spa Kobuleti" spa center, you will feel yourself spiritually and physically strong and you will get maximum pleasure.

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