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Rediscovering Georgias Forgotten Seafood Treasures
12 September, 2023

The Association of Gastronomic Tourism is spearheading an initiative to resurrect time-honored Georgian fish recipes. Co-founder Keti Kvichidze revealed details of this exciting endeavor during a conversation on the "Business Rustavi 2" program.

According to Kvichidze, a culinary expedition, undertaken in partnership with the Adjara Services Development Agency, is already well underway. The fruits of this exploration will soon be revealed to the public, setting the stage for businesses to catalyze growth in this sector.

"Our collaborative research with ichthyologists has led to the discovery of 100 recipes, sourced exclusively from antiquated books and historical records," said Kvichidze. These recipes span a range of seafood, including mussels, crabs, and the Black Sea snail, Rapan.

Interestingly, most of these recipes were unearthed along the coast, although their influence was also traced inland to other regions.

Currently, a dedicated effort is in progress to collaborate with chefs on curating a recipe book. This will serve as a catalyst in fostering interest and engagement within the culinary community, driving the resurgence of these traditional Georgian seafood delicacies.


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