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Racha Lechkhumi Lower Svaneti
Racha Lechkhumi Lower Svaneti

Racha is the most beautiful corner of Georgia. It is located on the southern plateau of Central Kavkasioni, between Lechkhumi and Racha mountain uplands, in the area of upper flow of river Rioni. The area of Racha is 2.47 thousand sq. km. It was settled from old Stone Age that is proved by more than single archeological monument. Nowadays a number of Racha dwellers constantly go down – during the last decades its number has shrunk by 1/3. It was established that in summer months, at the expense of seasonal re-emigration, population of Racha increases 5-fold.

Racha is distinguished with diversity of natural conditions. From hypsometry point it is spread on nearly 4 km. In geological structure volcanogenic rocks and chalk limestone prevail. Climate is moderately moist and warm. Average temperature in January is 00–120C, and in July it hovers around +7,60+220C. Volume of precipitation with the increase in height first goes up (from 800 mm to 2000 mm), and in high mountains again goes down. Geological structure and plush precipitation facilitate salinity of underground waters.

Diversity of Racha’s natural environment is in direct link with its landscape variety. In a very short range here, sub-nival and nival landscapes of forests typical for Kolkheti lower and middle uplands morph into forests of Caucasian dark coniferous middle mountain, then switch into a high mountain sub-Alpine and Alpine meadows.

Special recreational function in Racha is held by dark coniferous forests, mineral and thermal springs. Thanks to that local resorts have basically a climate spa purpose.

A spa of Shovi located on 1520 meters above the sea level is noted with inimitable landscapes and mineral springs. The average temperature here in July does not top +160C that is especially important in summertime recreational season. In the vicinity of the spa there are several flowing springs of mineral water (hydrocarbon sodium and potassium mineral water) which are known among the local residents as sour waters. Shovi waters are effectively used to treat bile and urine ducts, while air rich with phytoncides cures respiratory organs.

Resort Utsera is situated on the bank of river Rioni, 1050 meters above the sea level. July temperature attains +170C, and annual precipitation volume is 1400 mm. Here flows water of two types of salinity. Hydrocarbon sodium and potassium water treats liver and alimentary tract diseases, and water with low salinity is used for baths.

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