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Metro Georgia
Metro Georgia
Category: Car Rental
Region: Tbilisi
Address: BATUMI BUS STATION Gogoli str. №1, New Bus Station / TBILISI BUS STATION: Gulia str. №1, Ortachala Bus Station
Phone: ბათუმი 0 422 24 22 44 თბილსი 0 32 275 05 95

Transport company "Metro Georgia" is the partner of the European Holding Metro in Georgia, that provides transportation towards the different directions of the world.
Transport service development and establishment of the modern level in Georgia, creation of new directions in the domestic and foreign region markets and encouragement of the tourism development are the aims of the company.
The company "Merto Georgia" was founded in 2014 with the Georgian investments and direct efforts of the local businessmen. "Merto Georgia" is the partner of the international European Holding Merto, that realizes the transfer to the different directions of the world.
The company, which transfers passengers to the direction of Batumi-Tbilisi up to now, entered the Georgian transport market with 8 new buses on the first stage. The second phase of development included addition of the new directions, as to Georgian, so to different cities of Europe. "Metro Georgia" has already transferred passengers to 10 big cities of Turkey.
From the very first day of its foundation, the company tries to become the leader in the Georgian transport area. Buses produced in 2014 for 50 passengers, equipped with euro 5 engine, meets the European standards for the safe and comfortable trip.
All buses are additionally equipped with the personal HD quality monitors and each passenger is given an opportunity to choose the films, concert or scientific-entertaining program preferable for him/her during the trip. Also to listen FM radio stations or use free Wi-Fi internet. A qualified conductor, who offers free of charge tea, coffee, water and light dainties is serving the passengers during the trip. Highly-qualified drivers pass trainings constantly with the instructors of Metro.
"Metro Georgia" is located at the new international bus station of Batumi, where high class service is delivered. You can enjoy visiting a trade centre, food objects and entertainment infrastructure, before the desired trip departure.
Address: Gogoli str. №1, New Bus Station
Phone: 0 422 24 22 44
Cell: 577 15 94 00
Cell: 514 24 22 44
Working hours: 24/7
Address: Gulia str. №1, Ortachala Bus Station
Phone: 0 32 275 05 95
Cell: 577 15 94 15
Working hours: 08:00-01:00


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