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Wine Yard N1
Wine Yard N1
Category: Wine Manufacturers and cellars
Region: Kakheti
Address: Akhalsopeli, street N 4
Phone: 577 11 06 52


The Wine Yard # 1  is located 160 kilometers away from Tbilisi, at the borderline of Georgia and Dagestan (Russian Federation) in Kvareli district, village Akhalsofeli (former Gavazi), and 16 kilometers away from Kvareli.

The Wine Yard # 1 is a touristic attraction that includes a traditional wine cellar, house, and yard.

The site is a social touristic destination, where it is possible to taste different verities of wines and chachas, included traditional Kakhetian cuisine.

Additional service includes an introduction with elements of Kakhetian ethnography (dance, song) and historical monuments located in the village (V century).


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30 May, 2018
Winemaking, culinary, local folklore, family farming - If you are looking for a similar location, you should visit Wine Yard N1. It is a touristic place in Kakheti, which combines family type...
17 April, 2018
If you want to know Georgian traditional family of Kakheti, you should definitely visit "Wine Yard N1". Winemaking, Culinary, Local Folklore, Family Farm, Flower Garden - all in one...

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