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Capitol Management
Capitol Management
Category: Consulting and investment companies
Region: Tbilisi
Address: 0186, 70b, Vaja Pshavela ave, 2nd floor
Phone: (+995 32) 242 06 92


What we do

“Capitol Management” was founded in 2014. The company brings together specially selected professionals into a unified team for the effective management of different business activities.

The company helps investors to reduce the risks associated with business activities in Georgia through fundamental research into the country’s business environment, significant local relations, and a wealth of experience in different sectors. 

Systematic market studies and in-depth knowledge helps us at every stage of decision-making. All the projects we implement are based on a theoretical framework and real evidence.

“Capitol Management” is a reliable partner for the successful implementation of attractive projects. By co-operating with us, investors team up with a company that is ready to turn its experience into another successful project.

The Role of Our Company

  • Attracting and managing investments
  • Identifying new and interesting business possibilities
  • Managing start-ups
  • Managing companies during periods of significant change
  • Helping companies manage crises 

Our Mission

Our Team's Mission is To Promote The Growth Of Investments In Georgia

Our Approach

For every member of our team, the success of the companies under our management is just as important as for their owners. In order to succeed, we try to develop the following issues at the corporate level:

  • Mutual trust and transparency at all stages of business activity
  • Foresight and constant awareness
  • A focus on innovation
  • Risk management and the search for solutions
  • A motivated team and experience sharing
  • Working in a positive, energetic, optimistic environment 

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