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Category: Wine Manufacturers and cellars
Region: Kakheti
Address: 15 Vardisubani, Telavi Region
Phone: +995 595 990399 / +995 595 990390

Wine producing company "Winiveria" was established in the year of 2005. The company exports white and red wines produced by treatment of local grapes, to various countries, including to the United States of America, Ukraine and Baltic countries.
Cellar of "Winiveria" contains such wines as are: Kisi, Khikhvi, Kakhetian Mtsvane, Rkatsiteli, Saferavi and Kindzmarauli. Grapes squeezed out in the "Winiveria" enterprise are cintaged in such vine yards, where the age of vine is of 20-25 years as minimum.
Wine is produced in company either with traditional Kakhetian technique in pitcher, as well by European classic technique. When wine is produced by Kakhetian method, squeezed in pitcher, where it is boiled down and than 6 months maceration (Chacha detaining). After this period wine is a crystal transparent and stable, not needs treatment and filtration, is distinguished with tones of dry fruit, nuts, tobacco and newly peeled wood.
Wine of European type, in modern Italian machines is produced as the result of grapes tender squeezing, purifying and fermenting. Fermentation lasts for average two weeks at 13-150C, as the result of which we get wine of European type enriched with citrus, soft sweet flowers or tropic fruit aroma.
In the enterprise there are as well produced wines, which are growing old in barrels.


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