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Hotel "Wine Palace" offers free and unlimited drinks to all its guests. Cellar as a museum space
31 October, 2022

Hotel " Wine Palace " corresponding to European standards was opened in 2017 and soon after its opening day it is under the attention of foreign visitors. (Address: Saburtalo, Bidzina Kvernadze Street 31). With its Georgian interior, friendly staff, its own wine cellar, guided tours and offering free wine to hotel residents, it is one of the original and outstanding spaces in Tbilisi.

The walls in the interior decorated at a high artistic level are completely hand-painted. There are 33 rooms, both standard and deluxe. The hotel is provided with satellite TV, wireless internet and international telephone connection. The conference hall can accommodate 70 people, which is equipped with all necessary office equipment. For many guests, the hotel's cellar is the place that attracts them the most. Many types of wine are preserved there. Tasting of all wines and national dishes is organized here, and drinks are free if desired.

It should be noted here that the owner of the hotel, Giorgi Chkhaidze, and his family are also engaged in wine production. The hotel offers its guests 7 types of wine produced in Giorgi Chkhaidze's small family cellar, as well as unlimited cognac. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a number of strict regulations were imposed at different times, and for a period it was difficult to make both business visits and travel from one country to another. However, recently, especially since summer, the flow of tourists to Georgia has increased. Giorgi Chkhaidze: ("Wine Palace" owner and director): - It can be said that in the first stage of the pandemic, the hotel almost did not work for almost 2 years.

Fortunately, the picture has changed in recent months. Almost all hotels have tourists, whether they are foreign nationals on a business trip to our country, and most of them are from Middle Eastern countries. The special interest in our hotel is caused by the cellar in the building, which at the same time has the load of a small museum with its furniture, dishes, attributes of this or that corner and other things. Cultural-scientific meetings are held in this place, which attracts our guests very much.

Our rating on "Booking" is 9.6. This is quite a high rate and I am very happy about this fact. The harvest period is especially interesting, and all those who wish can go to Kakheti from the hotel accompanied by our guides and directly participate in the grape picking process. When I have time, I often accompany guests both in old Tbilisi and different region tours. In conclusion, I would like to wish many visitors to my country. Our small and diverse country is known for its hospitality culture, but we should create more comfort for tourists. More attention should be paid to the infrastructure. Roads should be built so that people can move comfortably and safely both by transport and on foot.

The lack of bathrooms and modern public wet corners, both in the capital and in the regions, was and remains an unsolved, shameful problem. All visitors to Georgia emphasize this. A guest arriving in our country should not have to enter the wet room of a gas station. In the 21st century, it is too embarrassing to talk about it.

The National Tourism Administration should take care of the promotion of the country, make advertisements on different platforms, prepare stories not only about the capital, but also about the regions. Mariam Kvrivishvili works very actively and well in this direction and takes many beneficial and important steps for the promotion of the country. The Ministry of Agriculture should pay more attention to the work of small wineries, because these people need support and encouragement. The frequent communication of entrepreneurs and state representatives and the discussion of their problems should have a systematic character, so that everyone can create the best product and sell it together with joint efforts. The year is coming to an end...

I want 2023 to be a very prosperous year and I wish everyone success!

author: ana kalandadze

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